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Welcome! The Santiago Way podcast is a ministry of Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church in Lake Forest, California.

Jul 31, 2018

In a special Backyard Theology Edition of The Santiago Way, Deacon Steve Greco discusses Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in seven key points.

Deacon Steve Greco is a dynamic speaker, author and founder of Spirit-filled Hearts Ministry. Deacon Steve is a man of vibrant faith with the charisms of healing and teaching rooted in his deep love and knowledge of the Word of God. He currently is host of a weekly radio show, Empowered by the Spirit heard on Relevant Radio, Sundays at 12PM and ESNE Radio on Sundays 9PM. He has published 365 Days of Praise, Reflections on the Holy Spirit, and Expect and Experience Miracles.

Backyard Theology is a summer program at Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church dedicated to faith enrichment. The program runs consecutive Monday evenings in July. The entire 2018 schedule is available at this link. For additional information contact Kay Kenson at 949-874-2151.